hey there! here’s where all my commission info is. thank you so much for your interest! please read through my site (especially the terms of service) before requesting a commission! ♥️

updated as of mar 15, 2020

✔ I CAN DRAW: OCs, fanart, kemonomimi characters, human/humanoid characters, couples, small amounts of blood
✘ I CAN'T DRAW: feral fullbodies, super realistic styles (working from irl pictures is fine), detailed backgrounds, nsfw


moved from my trello! ♡

user | [commission] (sketch - colours - details - finished)

✧ kolyakun | growth ▮▮▮▮

✧ eli ayase | growth (1) ▯▯▯▯

✧ eli ayase | growth (2) ▯▯▯▯

✧ art trade ▯▯▯▯

✧ art commission ▯▯▯▯

Feel free to DM me for a quote!

kalon commissions

✦ make-your-own customs

currently closed

kal belongs to me.

$10 - $30 USD depending on complexity.

pricing is based on complexity instead of myo tier (though certain tiered edits are considered)! generally, any uncommon myo (and few rare edits) will not cost above $25.

please note that these are all done off oekaki! additionally, depending on the circumstances, I will also be willing to take humanoid art as payment ♡

✦ growth commissions

currently closed

click on the kal for kit; kals belong to me and AboveAspen

$5 - $30 USD depending on complexity.

pricing is based on design complexity instead of rarity of the edits! uncommon tiers are typically placed around $20-23.

please note that these are all done off oekaki! additionally, depending on the circumstances, I will also be willing to take humanoid art as payment ♡

✦ edit commissions

currently closed

applied hair, expression, and accessory edits; kal belongs to me.

prices are determined on a one-to-one basis

makeover babey! prices will be determined based on what edits I am applying. prices start at $2 (price for an expression edit)

please note that these are all done off oekaki! additionally, depending on the circumstances, I will also be willing to take humanoid art as payment ♡

custom art commissions

✦ coloured sketches

currently closed

$3 USD for halfbody/waist-up
(+$2 for extra character)

first character belongs to CSMintCat.

$7 USD for halfbody, $10 USD for fullbody
(+$3 for extra character)

these are quick coloured sketches with minimal shading! I try to clean up the lines as much as possible. the first option has messier lines, please specify which option you'd like as they're priced differently!

feral/anthro: yes!
humans: yep!

✦ finished pieces

currently closed

$15 USD (+$6 for extra character) for halfbodies,
$20 USD (+$8 for extra character) for fullbodies.
+$7 USD for backgrounds.

completed artworks with clean lineart (with lineless background) and full shading with highlights! I put a lot of time and effort in these and make sure they look completed! lineless artworks are available at the same price. ♥ if ordering without a background, you're definitely welcome to request simple backgrounds/patterns for free.

feral/anthro: depends, just ask me!
humans: yep!


will be updated as questions pop up ♡

What timezone are you in? GMT +8!

How do you accept payment? I only accept payment via PayPal in USD. If you're new to PayPal or commissioning with real money in general, feel free to ask me questions!

Do you accept anything else besides USD? Depending on circumstances I will also accept (usually humanoid) art as payment if I like your style! Please do not be afraid to ask about it, I'm always eager to get more art of my characters! ♡

Will you be getting the growth approved? You'll have to be the one to seek approval, but I will be responsible for making any changes if they are required!


please read the below information carefully before
ordering a commission from me, thank you! ♡

1) Payment upfront is preferred, but you have an option to send the payment after I give you a sketch!

2) Payment is sent via PayPal (; currency is in USD!

3) I can only give full refunds if I haven't started on your commission. A partial refund could be discussed if I haven't completed your commission but have started it. This means I can't give refunds once the piece is finished! ;;

4) Please keep in mind that I might be slow due to focusing on schoolwork! Feel free to provide a deadline. I'll let you know in advance if I can't finish your commission in the given time frame.

5) I have the right to decline your order if it's too complex or if I'm uncomfortable doing it. Feel free to pop in and ask if I can do your character!

6) I no longer do tryout art as I'm not active on CS, my apologies!

7) Regarding kalon commissions, I will send work-in-progress screenshots (typically once when lined and once when coloured, though I may send more for MYOs). Please note that typically, I will pause on working on your commission until you give the go-ahead for that stage! If you do not wish to receive WIP check-ins, please let me know beforehand.


feel free to contact me via one of these social medias!

DISCORD: KetKett#1199
TWITTER: @sunkettle
DEVIANTART: Snowflakettie
EMAIL: [email protected]

discord is the most preferred method as I check there most often. don't be afraid to send me a friend request for any reason! ♡

once you get in touch, make sure to include what type of commission you're looking to get, reference(s) of the characters (or a detailed written description), and any notes you have that would help me with drawing them! :>